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Crayfish Traps, Crawfish Traps, Crawdad Traps, are all the same and here you will find the best traps ever made worldwide. Wholesale traps for both the Sportsman and the Commercial trapper straight from the manufacturer! We make them here!


I have a love for metal detecting too. I have devoted some web pages to metal detecting but I confess there is not much time left from crawfish trap building to devote to those pages. You are welcome to browse the metal detecting areas. Enter here


Fair Warning
I can really ramble in some of my pages and below is a not to brief history and description on each side of my site. 

Crayfish Pages:
Metal detectors and crayfish fishing are two of the most enjoyable things I do in life. Every chance I get I'm off camping in a campground somewhere fishing for crayfish, metal detecting, and eating all the crayfish I possibly can. I do other things too besides metal detecting while I'm crayfish fishing, like regular fish fishing, salmon and trout is top on the list. I might even just kick back and watch what everyone else is doing on the campgrounds. Regardless, my crayfish pots are in the water before I even setup camp and the crayfish traps are the last to be packed when I leave the campgrounds, I sometimes call crayfish traps crayfish pots so don't be confused, both are the same. Another ref., crayfish are often called crawfish even though a crawfish isn't really a crayfish, grin. A crawfish is really a lobster and people including myself will call crayfish a crawfish or a crayfish a crawdad or crawdads as some say. I've even heard crayfish called mudbugs, one just has to follow the context of the text. Crayfish and crawfish are very closely related, crayfish are referred to as freshwater lobsters and crawfish are saltwater lobsters. I have caught crayfish darn near large enough to be a lobster and currently hold the record for the biggest crayfish ever caught in the Pacific Northwest. Also there is a lake near me where the crayfish average one pound, now that is unheard of for the Pacific Northwest! There is a funny story behind that lake which started in 1971 and I guess I should put up a page for crayfish stories, look for it. I fish for other shellfish too. I do a lot of shrimp and crap fishing. The crayfish traps I make are real shrimp getters as well, fact is the crayfish traps will out fish any shrimp traps that I have ever use as well. For shrimp fishing I just modify the crayfish trap a little by adding 2 -16 inch steal rebar pieces tied to the bottom of the crayfish trap with stainless wire with a distance of 4 inches apart. This allows the crayfish trap to stay on the bottom and keep the tunnel opening directly into the oncoming tide which also aligns the opposite tunnel of the crayfish trap in the direction the tide is flowing. This allows the shrimp to follow the scent of the bait directly into the crayfish trap. Regular shrimp traps do not allow for this and seldom do they sit correctly on the bottom like the crayfish trap is designed to. Shrimp have a more difficult time moving on the bottom they crayfish do so it is an extremely important item when fishing shrimp. Crab is another shellfish I have a real taste for! I have often thought of redesigning a crayfish trap to catch crabs but it's just to easy to catch them with the ring nets I make. Sorry no ring nets for sale presently. Out of all the different shellfish including oysters and clams, I love crayfish the best. Lobster has to be second in line, still crayfish, even though its a freshwater lobster is second to none. Oysters, crab, and shrimp, in that order are next.
I know I keep talking about crayfish for food but hey, I like to eat and crayfish are number 1. I do like to eat other fish as well and it's well known crayfish are very good bait. I've found that crayfish are really the best there is for bait. A lot of fishermen will use a crayfish lure, and there is a lot of different crayfish lures out there, but nothing takes the place of real live soft-shelled crayfish for bait anywhere, period. Everyone will tell you how hard it is to catch soft-shelled crayfish for bait, and it is unless you are using my crayfish traps. Over the years I have designed a crayfish trap that will catch more crayfish then any other crayfish trap. One of my secrets in designing a crayfish trap is to inhibit the instinctive fear of a crayfish into exposing itself to predators. I've done so and even though my goal was to catch massive amounts of crayfish, one of the side effects of such a crayfish trap was that I also caught all the soft shelled crayfish in fishing area as well. Over the years I have sold thousands of pounds of soft shelled crayfish to fishermen and fishing bait suppliers at a very high price, I've still had to safely release many thousands of pounds of crayfish back into the water.
Here I go rambling on about crayfish but I do love crayfish fishing and metal detecting, the two do go hand in hand. One thing for sure is you don't have to be Cajun or from Sweden to love eating crayfish and crayfish are everywhere. Crayfish may be in your own back yard and you can bet you'll find crayfish in the nearest lake, stream, or river, right next to where you live. You may not have the same species of crayfish that I have but I haven't heard of a single crayfish species which is not good to eat or one that isn't great for fishing. Do a search on crayfish at google or any other search engine, you'll be amazed! Once you start fishing for crayfish, or crawfish, or crawdads, whatever you want to call them, you'll be hooked for life. Once your hooked you find you'll be planning all your camping trips around campgrounds that have a good crayfish fishing are nearby. When your checking for camp sites don't hesitate to contact the owner of the campground and ask them if they have crayfish. Sport crayfish fishing has been around for decades and many campgrounds advertise they have crayfish fishing available and even have crayfish traps for rent. Sport crayfish fishing has become so popular that nearly all States now have fishing regulations for sports fishing crayfish so be sure to check out your fishing regulations before you start fishing crayfish. Most States do not require a fishing license to fish crayfish but most States do have a catch limit.
Well, I'm sure most people have quite reading my ramblings about crayfish fishing but if you haven't e-mail me and maybe I'll ramble some more on another page! Enjoy!

Metal Detector Pages:
Here you can read on about my views of me metal detecting and fishing for crayfish.
I've owned at least one metal detector since the mid-70s and have been an avid treasure hunter ever since. One would think during all that time I would have found at least one gold coin but I have not found a single gold coin to date. I do know a dozen people locally who have found 1 or more gold coins and I'm sure my time is coming soon. I even bought a Tesoro Lobo Super Traq just to find gold coins or the the hopes of, smile. The LST (Tesoro Lobo Super Traq) has proven itself to be a real sleeper in a general all round metal detector for everything besides gold coins and gold nuggets. First of all, keep in mind I am not a brand loyal detector person. I currently own a Garret GTI-2500, Whites Spectrum XLT, and recently sold a Fisher CZ7a-Pro, prior to that a Minelab Explorer XS. So far, my favorite metal detector is beyond question the Tesoro Lobo Super Traq. Being a computer software programmer and loving the LST the way I do, brought about the game Treasure Fields which in all reality is a metal detecting tutorial in game format featuring the Tesoro LST. In reality it is a great tutorial for anyone in the hobby regardless of what metal detector they use. The metal detecting game is available for download on- site and it is Win95+ software. Treasure Fields has not been tested for XP and currently I haven't heard of any reports yet if it works. All of this gives me something to do during my off hours when it's raining in the Pacific Northwest, which is a very common thing. Another freeware program I just released is called Clad Counter, again Win95+. Clad Counter is more than just a coin counter program. Clad Counter will keep track of your finds at all the different locations that you hunt and will give you monthly or yearly totals for each location. Also many people own more than one metal detector and Clad Counter will support as many metal detectors as you own. You can track each metal detector finds at every location you hunt and show the totals. You can also track each metal detector on it's battery usage, the number of hours you have detected for any given metal detector since you last changed them. With the metal detector game and the Clad Counter software the interface is completely point and click. Try it you like it, just like eating crayfish! If you haven't ate crayfish before you are really missing a treat. Crayfish are often called crawfish, the word crawfish really applies to lobster rather than crayfish even though the two are closely related. Crayfish are often called crawdads or crawdad and some even call crayfish mudbugs. Just remember crayfish are freshwater and crawfish are saltwater, not that it makes a lot of difference both make fantastic eating and are very expensive if you don't fish for them yourself. 


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