Crayfish/Crawfish Buyers List

Below is the start of a list of people or companies who wish to buy crayfish from people who are trapping them. If you wish to buy crayfish please email me with the listing you would like to see here. There is no charge of any kind to place your listing here, it is a free service. I only ask that you do not list any prices or telephone numbers for your listings, email addresses only. It's up to you to make your own arrangements  with the sellers who contact you (pricing, locations, shipping, etc.). Please answer all serious emails in a timely manner, if I receive to many complaints then I'll pull your advertisement. If there are any questions, feel free to email me at any time. (If you have a image logo I'll be happy to place it as well)
The Buyers List is open to all Buyers World wide.

I am interested in purchasing about 50 lbs of good crawfish for a boil with friends and family. I am in the St Louis Missouri area. 
More occasional purchases would probably be made if supply and quality are good. My email is  11/07.

I have a small pond in tampa florida I would like to stock with about 50lbs
of crawdads that would do well in the south.


Jim Hohler

Mr. Bullard,
  I am seeking a steady supply of bait size crawfish year-round. I am located in Oklahoma. Any suppliers please contact me at Thank you.

I am looking to purchase a small amount of crawdads, (maybe 10-15lbs.) from the Pacific Northwest  to stock my hobby ponds in Idaho. Please contact me at Thanks

"I am interested in buying a constant, on-time supply of crawfish - about 400 lbs a day at a great price.  The average size would be 3-5 inches.  PLEASE email me at - I'd really appreciate working out a win/win situation for the both of us.  I live in Orange County, California.  Thanks!!"


Would like to buy 50 lbs. of Oregon or Washington crayfish. If you could post this note, I would be most appreciative.

Wanted: I am interested in making contact with any retail or wholesale
providers of Crayfish. Especially those that ship overseas. I have
plenty of buyers in Northern Europe. Contact me at Thanks, Win Mitchell

Latitude 48


Wanted to buy for experimental breeding, Pacifasticus (signal) crayfish over ten inches, females preferred but need some males also.   Please e-mail me if you can supply these.

Looking for someone who can supply breed stock of any ornamental species of crayfish. Looking for pretty colors/patterns. Email me and let me know what you have.

I am looking for a small amount of live crayfish on a regular basis to feed my Bass and Pan fish. If someone who is fishing crayfish that is located in or near Largo, Florida, please contact Darryl at to work out the details. If a workable arrangement in prices and shipping can be made with someone further away, please email as well.

Dear Sirs,

   I would like to purchase a small quantity of Pacifasticus Crayfish from the Pacific Northwest, (perhaps 10 lbs) for hobbyist rearing and some eating. Can you provide this request? 
Jim Mighell , 18736 50th NE Seattle WA. 98155 (206) 363 0242 (answering machine).

I am interested in purchasing 50lb of signal crawfish (Pacifasticus leniusculus) shipped live to my destination in Texarkana, TX. 

This request has been filled and no longer valid.

A small seafood company based in Newberg, Oregon is looking for live crawfish. At least 50lb but possibly 2-3 times that amount. Please contact Megan at 503-538-4555 or email at