Welcome to My Metal Detecting Page!

The Primary Focus of this site is to provide different metal detecting software, from game tutorials to utilities for metal detecting that I have personally wrote. All software has been written in the 'C' programming language powered with Assembly.

Featured metal detecting software:

Treasure Fields - Win95+ but Not XP
Treasure Fields is a metal detecting game featuring Tesoro's Lobo Super Traq. The game doesn't center around the LST, the game is about detecting in real life or as close as I can make it. The exception of course is all the old coins you can find. Still you have a budget to support your detecting habit and if your money gets low then you will have to sell or auction off some of your finds! You may have some real luck in finding a gold coin or two as well.

Clad Counter - Win95+ but not XP
(Thanks to Dave Leland's help I may get a workable XP version)
Clad Counter is a metal detecting utility used to keep track of and track your coin and ring finds throughout the year. Clad Counter will track totals for each month or by the year for different locations that you hunt, support multiple detectors and track finds for each metal detector. Clad Counter also keeps track of the number of hours on a set of batteries for each detector. Just this handy little feature will land you more finds. Most people don't realize that when your batteries are half way depleted you won't be hearing those deep old coins, and they could be gold coins to boot!

Non-Software Related Links:

Metal Detector Manuals
I've tried to provide easy links to most of the major metal detector brands and all their manuals they have online. Supported are: Tesoro, Whites, Minelab, Garrett, & Bounty Hunter.


Local Metal Detecting Lessons & Practice Area
I have been metal detecting since the mid 70s and have traveled extensively all over the Pacific Northwest and West Coast looking for new crayfish fishing areas as indicated on the other side of this site. While test fishing for crayfish I found literally hundreds of pounds of silver coins in the early days, those were the days. Needless to say metal detecting has been a passion ever since! Currently I am a Park Manager at the old Blaine Air Force Station in Birch Bay and I'm very concerned about keeping metal detecting alive and healthy. To do my part I am offering free metal detecting lessons to people locally who are just starting out and wish how to learn how to use their new metal detector and to recover targets successfully and in harmony with other Parks in Washington State. Recovery methods meet Washington State law
WAC 352-32-235.

Enjoy my site and check back often, I have lots more to add!

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