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Tesoro Manuals


Previous Models

Bandido II µMAX Conquistador (original)
Cutlass II µMAX Silver Sabre µMAX

Whites Manuals

DFX™ Spectrum® Instruction Manual
Spectrum® XLT® Instruction Manual
Goldmaster® GMT™ Instruction Manual
MXT™ Instruction Manual
IDX Pro™ Instruction Manual
QXT Pro™ Instruction Manual
XL Pro™ Instruction Manual
Classic® ID Instruction Manual
Classic® III Instruction Manual
Classic® II Instruction Manual

BeachHunter® ID Instruction Manual
Surf PI Pro Instruction Manual

Specialty Metal Detectors
5900/DI Pro Instruction Manual
Classic® I Instruction Manual
ULA-3/Sierra Madre Instruction Manual
Surfmaster II Instruction Manual
TM 808 Instruction Manual
Autoscan Instruction Manual
PRL-1 Instruction Manual
PCL 600 Instruction Manual

Older Whites Metal Detector Manuals
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Garrett Detector Operating Instructions

> P.B. Deepseeker and P.B. Groundhog
> ADS Deepseeker and ADS Groundhog
> Master Hunters ADS II and ADS III
> Master Hunter Ads 4
> Master Hunters 5-7, 7X and 10X
> AT3 and AT4 Beach Hunter
> Freedom 1 Coin Commander
> Grand Master Hunter
> Grand Master Hunter II
> XS/XL Sea Hunters - Pulse Machines Only
> XS/XL Sea Hunters - VLF Machines Only
> Freedom 1 Detectors
> Freedom 2 Detectors
> Freedom 3 Detectors
> Freedom Ace Detectors
> American AM-1
> American AM-2
> American S Series: SX, S-1, S-2, S-3
> American S Series: S-4
> GTAx 1250 Detectors
> ULTRA GTA (1000), and GTA 1000 PM   GTAx 1000 Detectors
> GTAx 750 Detectors
> ULTRA GTA 500, GTAx 500, and GTAx   550 Detectors
> ULTRA GTA 350 and GTAx 400 Detectors
> Grand Master Hunter CX III
> Master Hunter CX, Master Hunter CX Plus
> Treasure Ace 100
> Treasure Ace 200
> Treasure Ace 300
> A3B Gold Hunter
> BFO Detectors
> GTI 1500
> GTI 2500
> Infinium LS
> Scorpion Gold Stinger
> Sea Hunter Mark ll


Explorer XS

GP Extreme

Preamble - Contents

Introduction - The Extreme Advantage

Assembly - Putting the GP together

Battery - Battery Care and Charging

Controls - Functions and Features

Operation - Using the GP Extreme

Techniques - Detecting Tips & Techniques

Information - User Information


1236-X 2
CZ-7a Pro
Gold Bug
Gold Bug 2
Gold Strike

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

True Track
Quick Draw II
Sharp Shooter II
Land Star
Land Ranger
Time Ranger
Big Bud Select 220
Fast Tracker
4-inch coil
Tracker III
Tracker IV
Pioneer Primer
Pioneer 101
Pioneer 202

Bud Jr.

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