Getting Started and Game Scene
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If you missed it on the opening screen, you have $1500.00 in your account to start you off on your new adventure in finding treasure. Before you begin there are a few things you MUST BUY FIRST.
1. A Metal Detector
2. A Digging Tool

Optional items are extra coils, spare batteries, other digging tools.

Once you have purchased your equipment it will automatically be safely stored in your home. 

When you wish to begin a hunt, you must first 'Get Equipment' from the 'Actions' menu. This allows you to choose the equipment you want to use for the upcoming hunt, and puts the equipment into your vehicle, ready for use. If you do not get your equipment before beginning a hunt, it will not be available for use while detecting.

After you finish detecting it is a good idea to put your equipment away under the 'Action Menu'->'Put Away Equipment' for safe keeping. This is not required and your equipment will be available on your next hunt or even when you reload Treasure Fields at a later date. Be aware that if you do not put away your equipment it is possible you may be visited by thieves. The odds are stacked against this happening because you probably live in a 'safe' area, but, just like in real life, you just never know.

Now that you are ready to start detecting select the 'File'->'Start Detecting!' menu item. A random generator will present you with a Detecting Event. Included in each event listing will be sponsorship, a brief history of the field, travel distance, and Entry Fee. Keep your budget in mind because gas money as well as the Entry Fee 
is automatically deducted from your account. You can reject an Event if it doesn't fit your budget, and search for another event within your budget. Simply follow the same instructions above.

Caution: Make sure you have the equipment you need for the Event or you will be sent back home minus gas cost and Entry Fee.

Once you have made it to an Event, it's time to start detecting! As in real life you have to turn your detector on. If you right click you will see where one of the menu items indicates 'Power Off', so by selecting this your machine will be turned on. Once your machine is turned on then your cursor turns into whatever coil you selected before traveling to an Event. At this point you are now able to start detecting a completely virgin field! (see keyboard keys below)

Even though you are in a virgin field you will still have a fair amount of trash, so it's a good idea to have your speakers on. Those of you who do not have speakers, or just plain don't like them on all the time, a 'Sound Window' is provided. This is found under 'Windows'->'Sound Meter'. Keep in mind the Sound Meter cannot fully represent the audio language the detector really provides for you.

The detector's audio response you hear to all the different targets is the true real audio response from the detector, including different degrees of depth. Pay close attention to what you hear to save time by avoiding trash. After all, your Event only lasts 8 game hours, (not real hours), and your batteries will eventually run dry and need changing. If your time expires, you will be returned home and the gold coin you missed will be lost forever.


The trial version of Treasure Fields only contains coins to find. If you are a Coin Hunter you will enjoy this trial version. The data banks contain every coin of every year ever minted in the USA (including clad). Not every field will contain the same coins even if you go the same field time and again. Nor will the coins ever
be buried at the same location or the same depth. Soil and weather attributes will also vary even in the same field. So, as in real life, it isn't always easy to find valuable treasure without a lot of work. The coin value is determined by the low base value of the series. The true value of any coin is how much someone will buy it for, and 
how much you are willing to let it go for.

All the treasure you find, you keep. You will keep all your treasure from field to field, and it will still be there after you shut the program down and restart it. You can view your finds at any time by selecting the menu 'Actions'->'Treasure'.


As you noticed above it does cost a lot of money to maintain your detecting addiction and you can't go on forever without selling some of your treasure to continue detecting. To sell some of your coins, view your treasure as described above. The 'Clad' button will allow you to sell all your Clad to the bank. We know you have been good and have already cleaned your clad, right? All non-clad coins are stored in it's correct denomination and if you have found some, a window will
open where you can scroll through your different finds. From that window you have a choice of either Auctioning the coin or selling it on the open market. To Auction a coin or Sell it you must first select the coin you wish to sell (it's border will highlight in red) and then choose either the 'Auction' or 'Sell It' button. 

Selling Coins on the Open Market:

If you decide to just sell your coin you may get a little more on the value of the coin or someone may offer you less. In either event you DO have the option of saying NO SALE, the choice is yours. I wouldn't expect to gain a whole lot extra value selling your coin this way. Buyers generally know the coins worth before they will make 
you an offer.

Selling Coins through the Auction:

This is the best means of getting the most value out of your coin, (with some reservations). Many times people get carried away with their bidding, and will over bid a item. It depends a lot on how many people attend an auction and how many people actually bid on your coin. Every Coin Auction will have a different number of people attending, and a different number of people bidding on your coin. One thing for sure, there is NO RESERVE and all bids ARE FINAL. You will never know
what your coin will get, and you will only have one chance to find out! If you are lucky, the rewards can be staggering.


The coil cursor has been especially programmed to respond just like a real coil. A regular mouse cursor contains only 1 pixel as a hot spot. Treasure Fields coils have many many hotspots which indicate when a target is first detected, just like a real coil. The fact that the coil responds so closely to a real coil even surprised me. This 
means you will have to develop your pinpointing skills to recover your targets. The right mouse button will display a menu item called 'Dig Plug'. If you have correctly pinpointed your target a status window will appear showing you an image of your target, depth, and other detailed information. You can close the window using conventional means or use the keyboard key 'c' for close. (see Keyboard Controls). 
WARNING!! After you dig a plug, even if you don't recover a target, you should fill in the hole. This requires you to position your coil in the same location as you were when you dug the plug. Use the right mouse button menu for 'Fill in hole' or the 'f' key. If you do not fill in your holes it is very possible someone may come along kick and you out of the Event. Consider yourself warned!
When you dig a plug, a small RED DOT will appear on the screen where you dug the plug. This indicates an unfilled hole. When you fill in the hole the red dot will disappear. Look carefully for the Red Dot, it is very small because we need to keep things proportional for the screen. When recovering treasure I highly recommend using the keyboard.


d or D - Dig Plug
c or C - Close Treasure Display Window
f or F - Fill Hole
p or P - Toggle power on/off
arrow up - Move coil up a pixel
arrow down - Move coil down a pixel
arrow left - Move coil left a pixel
arrow right - Move coil right a pixel
ESC - Quit Hunting

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