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Quotes are processed as quickly as possible depending upon demand.

  Quotes are the cheapest and most accurate way to purchase traps for most zip code areas. A shopping cart must have a fixed price in order for it to work. So, because of the large size of the packages and the big spread of ZIP CODES the shopping cart prices would have to be averaged according to past sales records in order to establish a fair Shipping cost. Now, my remodeled quoting software will generate the Exact cost of Shipping plus equipment delivered to your shipping address thus saving you money. You may receive a quote for any item or group of items. All quotes are generated offline for security!

Remember that all quotes are free to receive AND you are under no obligation to purchase anything after receiving a quote.
Also, keep in mind that quotes take a bit longer for a transaction to complete then the shopping cart simply because of the additional time needed for the interaction between myself and you plus UPS or other carrier delivery time. 


Add next the equipment you want a quote for.

Comments if you have them.

That is it. When I receive your server request I simply copy and paste your name and address, plus what you want, into the quote software fields then click a button. Like magic, a quote is generated that is tailored to your shipping address and the quote is emailed back to you. The quote contains the different PayPal payment options, my policies, my contact information, and of course the total cost of the entire quote for the equipment delivered to your address.

For security reasons I do not generate a quote online. I manually prepare, generate, and email, the quotes myself. All the software I use, databases, quotes, shipping and invoicing, I have personally, 100%, programmed the software code so, it doesn't get anymore secure then that! (Plus, I am a darn good programmer too, grin!) With all that said, keep in mind that I answer email and send quotes only once a day because I am building traps the rest of the day. Also keep in mind that at certain times of the year I can get overwhelmed with 200-500 emails a day. Often a Quote list will build up into a wait list which may take awhile to get through, there is a huge demand for the traps. Keep in mind that you are not forgotten and I'll get to you as soon as possible. We put out a lot of traps in a week so your Quote may come sooner then you think.

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