Metal Detecting Game
(Windows 95 or greater)
Free Trial Software available for download
by Terry Bullard

Metal Detecting, Image of Jewel Case Treasure Fields - Metal Detecting Game

The game cannot be bought in stores, it can only be ordered directly through me. Treasure Fields is really the first of it's kind in completeness that I have seen anywhere. Treasure Fields is unique by not only being a game, it is very much a tutorial in metal detecting and pinpointing treasure. Also, it doesn't make any difference if you are just thinking about getting into the hobby, a newbie to the hobby, or an old Pro, You will enjoy Treasure Fields!

Treasure Fields centers around Coin Detecting. Every coin of every year ever minted in the United States are in the data banks of Treasure Fields for you to find. Work is under way to add Canadian coinage as well. Did I mention anything about GOLD COINS? Jewelry? I probably for got to mention pull tabs, bottle caps, and other trash too. 

As in real life, all the metal detecting you do in Treasure Fields will never ever be the same nor will the coins, the locations, the depths, of where they are buried will ever be the same. It just won't happen! Also, not to surprise you, the fields, weather, ground conditions will never be the same either. All those come into play when you are really out there in the field metal detecting!

Again, as in real life, your spouse expects your metal detecting hobby to support itself, or else. The detecting you do in Treasure Fields are Metal Detecting Events which normally have an entry fee plus there is the cost of gas to get there and back. You also have to buy equipment before you begin metal detecting, everything costs money. Sooner or later you will have to sell some of your cool finds and there are a couple of different ways to do so. This is better explained on the Getting Started page which is also accessible from the program.


Absolutely sums it up nicely in one word. I have to many ideas and I'm sure I will receive more to leave Treasure Fields as it is unthinkable. NOTE: Only registered users will receive update notification by E-mail. The trial version of Treasure Fields will remain as it is.


YOU BET! Looking for coins is just one facet of metal detecting! In the works are Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting, to just name a few. Utility software that I'm also fond of will be made available. You will need to check back see what I've been up to. Look for different posts at The Treasure Depot and other Forums as well.

KEEP THE COIL TO THE SOIL! And Find a Mercury Dime for me!

Terry Bullard

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Just a quick note on the programming language I use for everything I write. The language I use is called simply 'C'. C and Assembly language are the two most powerful chip burnable languages currently used for building difficult software. Nearly all other programming languages are built on top of C & Assembly resulting in what was called  bloatware with huge executables coupled with a large number of support files which reside in your windows directory. C does not need to do that and is entirely happy with being a stand alone program, remain small and very optimized, super strength if you will. Treasure Fields is such a program.  So do not worry about your hard drive being cluttered when you install Treasure Fields and it will clean up after itself when you uninstall it. I've been using this language as my primary programming language for the past 18 years it only gets better!

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