My Official Ramble On Page!

For a long time now I have wanted to put up a page where I could ramble on about whatever it may be on my mind at the time. Sometimes I even have some good stuff to say or huge amount of tips and tricks I have left out on the main web site which happen to come up while emailing someone. There just hasn't been enough time away from trap building to get the page up it seems, well that is my excuse. Then there is the well known fact that I love to ramble on web site and email so, maybe this page will keep me down to a dull roar, LOL.  In any event no one has to read this but if your interested check back because now that it is set up I will be adding more.

 I haven't rambled in a while, at least not here. To busy or to tired. I hate this getting older crap!

Sept 10, 12 -
 Time to start Fresh and will add new stuff as I go from this point on. 

Currently building all 4 styles of traps and I've been thinking of adding an enhanced version of the Commercial trap. The enhanced version is a bearcat to build but in very high crawfish populations it will hold 5 to 7 pounds more of crawfish. I've been using it on my own traps for several years but the extra labor would have to carry an increase in trap price over the standard Commercial trap.




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