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 Requesting a Free Quote is simple and easy. Before completing the form below, know the different items you want a quote for, then fill in the form. When you are done click on the Submit button and your quote request will be emailed directly to me. As it currently stands, you must live in the USA and be able to pay from a USA location to receive a quote. Form fields starting with a '*' must be filled in correctly to receive a quote. Quotes are returned by email by me. Quotes are calculated and stored offline by me.
 Many times you can save a few dollars per trap with a Quote. All traps are packaged individually because of size and shipped strictly by UPS. USPS, FEDEX, depending on your location. We reserve the right to choose the carrier of our choice. 
Traps may be shipped from either shipping locations, WA or CA.


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- C1 Large Commercial Crawfish Trap @ $49.50 - Current Build
  - C2_2 Sportsman Plus Crawfish Trap with bait box @ $39.50 - Current Build
  - C3 Sportsman Pro Crawfish Trap with bait box @ $35.50 - Current Build
  - C5 Extra bait box Sportsman Traps @ $3.50 - Current Build
  - C6 Extra bait box Commercial Traps @ $4.50 - Current Build
  - C4 Low Profile Buoy @ $3.50 - In Stock
  - C7 Crawfish Rope No. 1 @ $8.50 - In Stock
  - C8 Crawfish Rope No. 2 @ 11.25 - In Stock
 Grapples, Holding Bins, Granddaddy Trap, are not available at this time. 

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