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My husband and I came to the realization that the way we prepare and serve shellfish is not how other people prepare and serve shellfish! We searched and searched the internet to see if there was anything available that was like what we have used for many many years and were astounded to find that the only thing we were able to find available was a "Cajun" blend for a boil. The blend that we have always used for crayfish, shrimp, prawns and crab brings out the natural flavor with no cover-up flavor. Because there are so many different species of crayfish, taste can vary depending on which species and what environment they are in, we realized that a lot of people are really missing out by not using a boil that compliments all species of crayfish. The same being true with shrimp, prawns and crab. Different areas, different tastes and textures. So, we decided to share our boil with you so you too can enjoy the best taste ever! After twenty-five years of trial and error I have come up with a "tried and true" blend of the finest spices from around the world that create a blend so superb that you will use nothing else ever again! (I have never shared my recipe with my husband much to his chagrin.) And.....I never let him watch! (I do have to have some secrets!)

A Special Note on Shrimp, Prawns and Crab: We have found that shrimp, prawns and crab do not soak up spices as easily as crayfish, but with our boil this is not the case. The spice combination penetrates the shell and gives a wonderful flavor and texture to these shellfish that is sorely lacking in other preparations. We are always amazed at how tasty our seafood is in comparison to some of the finest restaurants in our area. And our area is surrounded by waterfront, both fresh water and saltwater! Also, another fantastic advantage of the boil is, if you are using frozen shellfish and you follow directions (included in my package), the boil actually makes your frozen shellfish taste fresh caught, both in taste and texture, now that is a feat in itself!

When you receive your order, your package will contain a sealed large cheesecloth pouch with all the spices you will need. A sheet with easy to follow directions that covers your whole cooking process, plus directions on handling frozen shellfish, and re-using your spice pouch.

Each large spice pouch calls for one gallon of water. You will also need to have on hand sugar and rock salt. To this you will be adding your spice pouch. You will need to pay special attention to all the timings on your direction sheet, this is very, very important. I cannot express this enough!

I have learned throughout the years that spice measurements and timing are absolutely crucial. If your diet doesn't allow you to use sugar or salt, the large spice pouch alone will still give you a great taste to your choice of shellfish.


Your spices include: Sweet Basil, Dill, Tarragon, Coriander Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds, Mint, and may also contain Fennel Seed, Chervil, Anise Seed or Thyme.

When you place an order for any crawfish traps and include an order for my spice blend there will be no additional postage for the spice blend.
You may also purchase just the Shellfish Boil for crawfish, shrimp, prawns, and crab, but postal rates will have to be additional.




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