This is where I Hunt, Work, and Live

1. My Office, Living Quarters, two lane bowling alley, Rec. room with 2 pool tables.
2. Officers Lounge 
3. 1 of 2 old baseball fields, now in long grass. I need a good burn, grin
4. Full size Gym and swing set behind it.
5. Lawn, one of my hot spots for silver dimes and quarters. 
6. Must have been an old cabin at one time. I have found over a dozen IH and 3 TT there.
7. Front of the Admin. Bldg. Tons of wheats and old Canadian pennies, rings.
8. Site of the BX. Haven't found anything good there yet.
9. High altitude radar tower. Nothing there yet either.
10. I'm told this is the low altitude radar tower. I got to call BS on this one. There is rumors all over the web on different experiments which took place on this site. All the way from UFO contacts to anti-gravity experiments. Whatever took place in this building during the 50's it's setup to use extremely large amounts of electrical power, a network of overhead cranes capable of lifting several hundred tons, and what's a pressure chamber is doing there is beyond me. Needless to say, no coins around this site.
11. This is the operations building. It's a giant fall out shelter which contains a maze of rooms and operations were to guide the missile defense should the first defense stations fall victim to attack. All around this building for a distance of 50 ft. or so every detector I've tried will not detect anything other than static. One would think it could be electrical interference but all electrical wiring has been torn out of this building long ago. I have found sand bags with one of the many warning signs stamped on it in the building. The bags produce the same type of effect on the detectors. Radioactive, no I'm sure it's not. It could very well be something to help hide the operations building from overhead radar.
12. This is the start of a wide drainage ditch about eight feet deep and twenty feet wide. I am currently in the process of clearing the ditch and weed eating it's banks. By looking at the grade of the land I believe that when the base was built everything was pushed north, or upwards on the picture. Hopefully there will be some cool finds, at least there darn well better be, the whole base sits on a community which dates back to 1849, plus was settled by the Spanish 400 years before that and by the Russians 200 years prior to that. Just to the left of the picture less than an 1/8 mile is Birch Bay which was the start of all things way back from the fur trade.

The base was closed down in 1978 and was leased by District 19-H Lions Clubs who use it to hold four summer camp sessions for people with disadvantages. The base today looks very much different than the picture above, many buildings have been removed and lawn put in their place. On the whole the layout is still very similar and very park like in appearance.
When the disabled camp is not in session I rent out the facilities to other groups to hold camps of their own, or groups who simply wish a retreat.

From what I've been able to find out, this site has never been detected and I've had well over a year to investigate it. The 68 acre Base is now a private park and is off limits to detecting with exception of one.  The one person who is detecting it has made some pretty darn good finds which highly indicates that it truly hasn't been detected before.

My job is classified as Park Manager. My job requires that my staff of 1 (me) maintain the grounds and all 21 buildings which are left standing. See to it that all janitorial duties are performed and aggressively market the Park's facilities, schedule all events, in other words anything and everything that comes up. Sound like a lot of work? You can't imagine, grin. If I told you what I made a month you would think I'm nuts, what I make in a month most make in a week. Let this be an example of how strong metal detecting addiction can become!! Heed my warning....

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