Bait Boxes for a Crawfish Trap During Prime Time?


There are several things that people don't realize when trapping crawfish. One of the major misconceptions is that crawfish, even though they are small, eat a huge amount of food. In order to be successful in catching crayfish it is necessary to put a lot of 'bait scent' in the water for a long period of time to keep drawing crawfish from greater distances. The absolute best way for a large amount of bait scent to spread into the water is to have a crawfish eating the bait and spreading the additional scent as they tear off small pieces of the bait.

In a short period the crawfish will consume the bait and the trap will not be drawing additional crayfish. The ticket is to let them tear away at the bait in order to place additional scent into the water only at a more controlled rate. This is why you want to use a Bait Box when the water becomes warmer and crawfish are more active.

A bait jar is not the same as a bait box. Bait jars restrict the access to the bait from the crayfish and they also restrict the release of the scent into the water as well. Only a special formulated crawfish paste will work well in bait jars, which at this time I am not ready to release, grin.

Empty bait boxes for both the Commercial Version crayfish trap and the Sportsman Pro crayfish trap. Click on the image to enlarge.

BothEmpBBOpen.jpg (124388 bytes)

One of the big advantages of using a bait box is that you can load the boxes up with head, guts, and other mixed parts, then freeze until you are ready to use them.

BBOpenWithBait.jpg (120394 bytes)

Simply close the lid and put a rubber band around it to keep the door closed and you are read to use or ready to freeze them. It is recommended you freeze the loaded bait box before use, this simply prolongs the scent.

BBClosedWithBait.jpg (120601 bytes)

Once your boxes are loaded, slide them into a zip-lock bag put them in the freezer. It's easy to freeze 4 commercial boxes and 6 Sportsman Pro boxes in a single 1 gallon zip-lock.

BBInZipLock.jpg (129688 bytes)

When you are ready to bait the trap, just place the loaded bait box inside. There is no need what so ever to attach the bait box to the trap. Just let it sit freely in the trap.

ProCUBBInTrapOD.jpg (146796 bytes)

Once the trap's door is closed the crawfish cannot feed from the bait box from the outside of the trap, there is to much distance for them to reach it. Their only choice is to enter the trap in order to get a meal. Once in, then that is where they stay!

BBProInClosedTrap.jpg (142279 bytes)

The use of bait boxes will allow your trap to catch crawfish for a full 24 hours with good scent. During the prime time of the season you will realize larger catches by two or three times depending upon your area.


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