Clad Counter Software (free utility)
Windows 98+

Note: Currently working on XP compatible version

Clad Counter V1.0 is a fast and easy method to keep track of clad you have found plus everything you ever wanted to keep track of after each hunt. Hey, if you like point and click then this is the way to go!

Metal Detecting, Clad Counter main screen. Here you record your metal detecting finds and you use the main Clad Counter screen to display your metal detecting finds by location or by metal detector

As you can see I've had an extremely poor year so far! (To much work, not enough play. Sniff)

The program not only keeps track of all the clad and rings you have found for the year but it also keeps track of how many hours you have hunted to date plus how many hours you have used your batteries for each detector between changes. When you change your batteries just click the 'Battery Change' button, the current date will be recorded and the 'Used Battery Hours' display box will reset itself to zero.  The 'Hours' and 'Minutes' button are used to record the time you have detected for each hunt. Every time you make a 'Hours Hunted' entry, upon saving the software will automatically add those battery use hours to the Used Battery Hours display box. The 'Penny' to 'Gold Ring' buttons increment once each time you click it, or you may simply edit the box next to the button for your totals per hunt.
Keep in mind, the software has the ability to keep track of the battery use for each detector you have and all finds are kept track of by each detector and by each location.

Everyone has more than one location to hunt so the dropdown box
Metal Detecting, Clad Counter main screen displaying locations you use for metal detecting
is used for each hunt entry. This is important because the software
Metal Detecting, Reports your metal detecting finds by location
keeps track of all the finds just for that location should you desire it.
The detector dropdown box
Metal Detecting, Clad Counter's Dropdown Combo boxes with the list of metal detectors you currently use for metal detecting.
on the main screen keeps track of all the finds for any given detector you may own.
Most of us own more than one detector, well at least we should have. You may set up as many detectors or locations as you want by using the Settings menu on the main screen. Simply add the detector or location in the edit window when it appears. The combo box will display your listings in the the top/down order you entered the detector or location name.
Metal Detecting, Report Screen for your metal detectors, choose which method to display your metal detecting finds.
To display your totals for either Reporting Window on screen, just hilight the detector or location and click the 'Get Totals' button to generate the on screen report for the year.
The Month Buttons on both Report windows will show the result totals for that month or year in a notepad window. 

Metal Detecting, Notepad displays results of your metal detecting finds.
 Simply highlight the detector or location and click the Month or Year Button and the results will be shown in the notepad window should you wish to show them. If the 'Complete Report' checkbox is checked then the Report will be generated for each entry you have made for the Month or Year.

Sound Complicated ?

The program itself is complicated in it's construction BUT, the program is SO simplistic to use you will hardly be able to believe it. In just seconds you can make a hunt entry then check to see how many more coins you need to find to satisfy your monthly quota. You do have a monthly quota don't you? If you don't then set one and watch how this program enhances your incentive to get out there and fill it. Makes for a good excuse to give to your spouse as well for additional detecting time!

Clad Counter is Free 'As Is' software and may be distributed by any means provided that no fee is charged for the software itself. Clad Counter is copyrighted!

Will Clad Counter be Updated? Yes it will, but only to those who are on my mailing list. Yes, there is a fee of $5.00 to be on my mailing list. Sorry about the fee but there does have to be a little incentive for me to put in the extra hours of programming for you. For those who do not wish to be on my mailing list, the program is exceptionally powerful and fully featured. More than likely in it's present stage it will contain everything you need and you are free to use it without supporting it.

To install Clad Counter simple download the Setup.exe file. After downloading, run the Setup file.
Setup is very basic does not add to the registry or put anything in your windows folder. When the Setup Window appears you can at this time enter both your detectors and the different locations where you hunt. This is your configuration and it can be altered at anytime from the main menus of Clad Counter. The setup program will also generate the Clad Counter software when your configuration is complete. Both Setup and Clad Counter are stand alone programs.

Click Here to Download Clad Counter Setup!  Enjoy.

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