Crayfish Trap  Specifications & Visual
for Commercial Version, Sportsman Pro & Sportsman Plus
Crayfish Trapping Accessories

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The Crawfish Trap Line-Up

Left - 12x12x24 - Commercial Version

Center - 9x9x24 - Sportsman Plus

Right - 9x9x18 - Sportsman Pro

Crayfish Traps, Both Commercial & Sportsman Pro crayfish traps side by side size comparison

Crayfish Traps, My wife holding both styles of crayfish traps for perspective

Sportsman Pro - 9x9x18 inch
Wire mesh - 1/2x1 inch galv.
2 inch inside tunnel entrance
16 ga. welded mesh

Commercial - 12x12x24 inch
Wire Mess - 1/2x1 inch galv.
2 inch inside tunnel entrance
16 ga. welded mesh

Crayfish Traps, Crayfish trap with door open. Displays balanced door placement for ease of use.

Crayfish Traps, Crayfish trap on table, displays tunnel position & escape guards on trap tunnel end. Bait hanger is centered between tunnels.

View 1 of door opening. 
The door provides easy access to the bait holder centered between the tunnels and provides quick removal of captured crayfish. Crayfish can be easily dumped from trap to a five-gallon bucket without ever actually handing the crayfish themselves.

View 2 of door opening.
The door is hinged and is directly centered. It is secured with a rubber strap with a easy to handle hook for fast closing and opening.
See Picture Below.

Crayfish Traps, Display of tunnel entrance of crayfish trap and the quick close door latch for the crayfish trap

 Side view of how door is secured.
 Notice the door is curved to conform to the pot.  The door over laps each side of the actual opening of the pot. A heavy rubber strap is attached to the door and is stretched around the pot where the hook on the end is inserted into the mesh of the pot. The hook is bent to provide ease in latching or unlatching the door.
View of Bait Hanger & Escape guard. Click on picture to enlarge.
Bait is placed on a bait hook and then hook is inserted in the eye of the bait hanger which dangles the bait in the center of the pot between both tunnels. The Escape Guard prohibits all escape.

Crayfish Traps, Displays bait hanger and escape proof tunnel guard of crayfish trap 

Crayfish Traps, Displays how the crayfish trap snaps onto the rope. The pencil is the example of the rope.

 View of rope clamp. Each trap design has a rope clamp. The end of the bait hanger is constructed to secure a rope clamp which simply squeezes together, then slips over the rope where it is released. The bait hanger is the main central trap support which provides a strong location to attach the rope. The rope clamp makes an excellent handle as well. Min. 1/4 inch rope is recommended.
Crayfish Traps, Crayfish view of crayfish trap tunnel opening. The black netting of the crayfish traps appears to provide cover from the crawdads predators  Tunnel view - made of black net. This one of the main secrets why these traps out perform ALL others many times over. Crayfish and Shrimp are at the bottom of the food chain, Everything is out to eat them! Plain wire entries become transparent when in the water and crayfish are very exposed to all predators, or so it will seem, when they enter other types of traps. Only starving crayfish will enter other types of tunnels and the rest will pass the traps by for a safer meal. The black netting supplies them with concealment from predators as they make their way to the bait. Also, the mesh size, texture, and bounce, of netting does not give them sense of encountering an object that cannot be entered where painted wire or plastic will!

The Sportsman Plus Crawfish Trap
(End Views)

The Sportsman Plus is identical in length to the Commercial Version crayfish trap and identical in width to the Sportsman Pro crawfish trap. Each crawfish trap has their own unique quality to catch the maximum amount of crawfish in any given environment. The crawfish trap you choose should be based upon; storage & handling, the amount of crayfish you want to catch, security of your set. Additional view below. 

This view shows the Sportsman Plus crayfish trap in the back and the Sportsman Pro crayfish trap in the front. Bait boxes are on each side. The Sportsman Plus crawfish trap takes the standard Sportsman Pro crawfish trap bait boxes.

The differences between the two crawfish traps are.
1. The Sportsman Plus crawfish trap is six inches longer.
2. The Sportsman Plus crawfish trap can capture and hold 50 percent more crayfish then the Sportsman Pro crawfish trap.

Trapping environments are identical.

This view shows the Commercial Version crawfish trap in the back and the Sportsman Plus crawfish trap in the front. The length of each trap is identical - 24 inches. The Commercial crawfish is 12 inches in height compared to the 9 inches in height of the Sportsman Plus crawfish trap. The Commercial crawfish trap has longer tunnels and will capture and hold 25 percent more crayfish then the Sportsman Plus crawfish trap. The primary difference between the two crayfish traps is that the Sportsman Plus excels by many times in low crawfish populated areas. 

The Sportsman Plus crawfish trap may not be available for purchase because of materials, (see right section). If this is the case then the Pricing & Shipping page will indicate availability. The Sportsman Plus crawfish trap is my personal pick for the number one crawfish trap for all areas in the USA for the beginner & advanced crawfish trapper! This is the crawfish trap that I personally use for all my sport trapping. (I do use the others too but use this one the most) 
I have withheld this trap from the line up for a number of years because it is harder to make and some of the parts are unique and hard to come by. 

Crayfish Traps, Picture of how the crayfish traps are shipped and what you expect to receive.

 View of the Crayfish Trap and shipping container ready to be shipped to your address.

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Crayfish Grapple

The best way to stop trap theft!
Crawfish Grapple Secrets


8 Oz. Zinc Cannon Ball /w rope snap
Used for single trap ground lines.
Crawfish Grapple Secrets

Live Bin for Crayfish Catch
Live Bin Picture Gallery to Follow.
Yes, it's finally here by demand!

BinHorzClosedDoor.jpg (37189 bytes)

Pictures to

BinHorzOpenDoor.jpg (139818 bytes)A perfect method of purging the crayfish before cooking them if purging is a must for you. 
You will find that a live bin is a must have for normal trapping activities!!! 

Mesh Size: 1/2 x 1 inch galv. welded wire
Length: 18 inches
Height: 11 inches; Width: 11 inches
Door Opening: 9 in. by 10 in.
Holding Capacity: 35 - 45 pounds of crayfish

When live bins contain crayfish for a number of days the bin should be suspended in the water where the bin is not resting on the bottom.

BinVertClosedDoor.jpg (135000 bytes)

BinVerOpenDoor2.jpg (140139 bytes)Simply a must have for those who plan on family crayfish boils!

These bins at 50% will hold crayfish for several weeks with little dead loss. Do not place old bait or place feed for the crayfish in the bin.



Low Profile Trap Buoy

(Aids in reducing trap theft)

LowProfile2Buoy.jpg (136054 bytes)Keep your trap line less visible and more professional to reduce theft.

RopeEyeOnly2.jpg (115941 bytes)

Crayfish Rope #1
35' 1/4" Commercial Floating Rope (larger size)

Crayfish Rope #2
35' 1/4" Commercial Floating Rope Plus Low Profile
Now string your own buoy!

RopeBuoyEye.jpg (127707 bytes)


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