My Return Policy is Quite Simple

Crayfish traps & accessories:
First let me state that for 2001-2011 I shipped over 44,800 traps to all states in the nation with the exception of Alaska. I've had zero returns and only one trap damaged in shipment which was immediately replaced without delay. There were no lost shipments and all shipments were delivered to the correct address. There has been zero customer disputes and many of last years sales were by word of mouth from satisfied customers. 

1) Should the product become damaged during shipment. You will be required to email me pictures of the damaged product and pictures of the damaged shipping box. Upon receiving the pictures you will immediately be shipped a replacement of the damaged products. Should you be required to return the damaged products, you will be reimbursed the shipping fees.

2) Upon receiving the products, after opening the shipping box and you find the product (s) not to your satisfaction, you may then at that time call or email me with your intent to return the product (s) for a full refund. The refund will include your cost of the product and original shipping cost paid to me for delivery. This refund only applies that all the product (s) be returned in the same new condition which they were originally shipped in. Once you have used the product (s), the product (s) become non refundable. The reason for the last non refundable statement is because the quality of the product (s) cannot be determined by a single or sometimes light multiple use by inexperienced persons. Post sales support is strongly recommend and has proven one hundred percent effective, even in the worse cases.

Please remember that these trap designs have been used successfully for decades of commercial crayfishing and they have proven themselves to be the best crayfish trap worldwide. If you fail to catch crayfish in them then there are no crayfish where you are fishing or the crayfish may be in hibernation. There may be other reasons you are not catching crayfish or not catching very many. Here again I strongly encourage you to email me for advice and let me help you get on the right track to catching huge amounts of crayfish. There are a lot of secrets to catching crayfish and sometimes it takes a little kick start to get going in the right direction. There is no question you have the right crayfish trap for success!

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