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First experiences with metal detectors can be quite frustrating even after reading the manual many times. Are you wondering if the investment you made when you bought your detector was a wise one? Is there really Treasure to be found?  Is it possible that you can actually find Treasure? Do you think you can actually pay for the detector you bought with what you can find with it? The answer to all these questions is YES!  

First, don't let me mislead you into thinking that finding Treasure is an easy task. It is Not! Successful Treasure hunting with a Metal Detector takes a lot of Experience, Knowledge, and Practice. All three of these elements takes time and patience to obtain.

Just think, wouldn't it be nice to find something like this the first time out?
Metal Detecting, Large Coins in Cache. I sure wish there was a gold coin or two. Found in an old shack walls July 1997
Or This?
Metal Detecting, Small Coins In Cache. No gold coins here either. Sooner or later I'll find one if I don't get to old for metal detecting!

Actually both pictures are total coins I found in one cache right here in Whatcom county 3 years ago. Just this year a road crew just a 100 yards west of the entrance to the Park that I manage ( ) scooped into a cache of 500 Buffalo Nickels.

The Treasure is there, you just simply need to learn how to metal detect to find it.

Once you have learned how your metal detector works you need to apply that knowledge in the field. It takes a lot of time in the field to understand what your detector is telling you. This can get very discouraging wading your way through and digging Tons of Trash to find a couple of clad pennies, if your lucky. More than likely many detectorist have been there before you and have already recovered the coins lost during the last 30 years. If you think they have recovered all the coins then you are sadly mistaken! Many people are clad hunters and don't even realize it. The simple fact is, older coins read different to the detector then the newer clad and so many people bypass old coin hits because they believe they could be Trash instead of a solid Clad hit. The secret is to train yourself in detecting old coins and once you accomplish this skill you will be amazed at how much treasure is waiting to be found. 

Just this year I went to a local area (sorry no hints here) which is well known and hard hit by detectorists. I hunted for a little over 6 hours and came out with these.

Metal Detecting, A quick 6 hour metal detecting hunt in a real treasure field! Ammonia and sand works great for cleaning. Caution, Coins will turn a bit white in color.

Total Clad count was 2 pennies and one Jefferson Nickel. For the amount of ground I covered, I was surprised that was all the clad I found. If you wish to learn how to clean your coins as I have above, go to the 'Hints and Tricks' page. Please keep in mind that cleaning an old coin can devalue the coin to a collector should you wish to sell it. The white color and lack of toning in the coins above is a definite indication the coin has gone through a cleaning process. Still, if you are showing off your finds to friends and family which image do you wish them to remember?

Metal Detecting, Picture of uncleaned 1912 Barber Half I found while metal detecting December 2001 Metal Detecting, Picture of cleaned old Canadian Dime & Barber Half I found while metal detecting in December 2001

Before and After pics of 1912 Barber Half Dollar I found last December. The 1914 Canadian dime was found in the same location. The scan does NOT do the dime justice, it is near mint condition but still was as black as the Barber half.


Thank You for your Patience!

Terry Bullard

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