Download the Trial Version of Treasure Fields V1 Here


Windows 95 or greater
Unzipping software
16MB of hard drive space

   After you have unzipped the archive run the setup.exe program and follow the simple directions on the screen. The setup program is one that I wrote myself and you will notice a vast difference inMetal Detecting Software Treasure Fields - Back Case speed and automation in comparison to what you normally find. This is normal so do not think it might not have installed correctly.
Treasure Fields is a stand alone program, please note the programming section at the bottom of the Home Page.

Uninstalling Treasure Fields:
    To uninstall Treasure Fields select the Uninstall menu item when Treasure Fields is running. This will completely uninstall Treasure Fields from your system. This procedure is possible because of the low level (chip level) programming used to write Treasure Fields.

    Treasure Fields V1.1 Trial Version - 9.8MB